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Editorial: All requirements need review

The Faculty Senate should be applauded for maintaining university exit requirements. Tuesday, the senate decided not to eliminate one major works/major issues course from the general education requirements.

Students in today’s world need a well-rounded education, which exit requirements help to build. However, in the spirit of upholding strong educational ideals, current general education requirements should be evaluated since they haven’t been reviewed in the past 10 years.

In a surprising upset, the Faculty Senate voted against the Undergraduate Council’s recommendation that exit requirements be dropped from three requirements to two. In the past, both groups have voted the same, and decisions are usually made in accordance with the record of agreement. Thus, some graduating students adjusted their schedules to reflect the anticipated change.

While the trouble caused by the Faculty Senate’s rejection of the change was minor, the future of USF’s education could benefit greatly.

Exit requirements are meant to give students exposure to courses they would not generally take because the classes are often outside of their own majors. Taking these classes gives students an opportunity to be exposed to different worldviews, perspectives and culturally diverse students and topics, all of which are vital in the modern world.

The senate made a motion showing that education is valued. The senate should be more proactive in its work by spearheading a review of the current general education requirements.

If found to be insufficient for today’s graduates, the senate should put something together that will keep the university up to standards and prepare students for their future in both the workforce and society.