Genshaft meets with Horne, alumni

Representatives for USF met with the Florida State Legislature Monday in the second day of the special session.

Kathy Betancourt, USF’s lobbyist, said President Judy Genshaft flew to Tallahassee Monday afternoon to meet with Jim Horne, secretary for the Florida Board of Education, and also to meet with USF alumni.

“The most important thing (Monday) was that the president met with some very powerful people,” Betancourt said, referring to the USF graduates.

The special session, slotted to last 11 days, was ordered by Gov. Jeb Bush in order to negotiate budget cuts for state agencies and its 11 state universities.

Today, Betancourt said, representatives from USF will be meeting with legislators to discuss budget cuts. The meeting begins at 7:30 a.m., so she said they would most likely miss the 8 a.m. conference call with members of the FBOE.

“We’ll be with members, so we’ll probably miss it,” Betancourt said.

Betancourt said as of Monday, legislators were leaning toward keeping budget cuts for state universities the same.

“So far everything seems to be very equal,” she said.

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