Men’s tennis looking forward to cold

The fall tennis season is winding down, and so is the exhausting heat of the September weather.

The men’s team is traveling to Tallahassee for the Seminole Fall Classic ,where Friday’s forecasted temperature is a low of 51 degrees and a high of 77.

The drop in temperature will keep the team from fatigue and major fluid loss. Last weekend, the team suffered fatigue and exhaustion due to the heat and hasvebeen using the beginning of the week to recuperate.

“Last weekend was really hot, so it wore us down,” Eric Gildhorn said. “Physically, it is going to be good because it will be cooler.”

Gildhorn played through two days of pain with cramps.”The weather is going to be cold. Since last weekend I played through pain, this weekend we’re going to be better physically, so we’re going to be much stronger mentally and physically.”

Gildhorn, along with teammates Jorge Escallon and Adrian Meier, will be competing in the Seminole Fall Classic against Florida State, Miami and Central Florida.

This will be Meier’s second match of the season after transferring from Switzerland.

It took a little longer for Meier’s transcripts to be processed because he had to translate them into English.Meier welcomes the cooler weather, which he was used to in Switzerland but doesn’t think it will make a huge difference in the match.

“I think it’s not a big factor, but certainly the possibility of cramping and losing too much fluid is not there anymore,” he said.

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