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Students say Bush doing OK job in war against terrorism

Operation Enduring Freedom is now underway after a wait of 26 days.

The United States and Britain attacked five Afghan cities on Sunday. On Monday, the United States launched attacks for a second day, and as the war against terrorism started, USF students said President George W. Bush’s decision was a wise one.

Mattach Bradford, a fifth-year senior, said he believes the United States is doing the right thing.

“I think it was a really smart move,” Bradford said. “Bush gave the (United States) time to get organized, warn and give the Taliban ample opportunities to reply.”

Bradford also said that Bush not only gave the Afghan people a chance to give up Osama bin Laden, a national terrorist who leads the al-Qaida, they gave him a chance to give himself up.Some students said the attack on Afghanistan is needed, but the death of innocent people is not.

“I understand it has to be done,” freshman Dwayne Peterson said. “But I’m more concerned about the killing of innocent people.”

As Britain and the United States soar through the night skies of Afghan cities, the United States is dropping more than 35,000 supplementary items in the cities. The items are daily food rations, or humanitarian daily rations, which contain enough nutrients for the average adult for one day. The drops are being made over the northern areas of Afghanistan. U.S. officials say it’s a way to show the world that the United States and Britain are not conducting war on the Afghan people but on the Taliban movement.

Sophomore James Lyon said that the food rations are a good thing.

“I think it is a good thing we are giving food,” Lyon said.Lyon also said that the United States needs to find a resolution quickly. He suggests that the United States pulls out the troops and finds peace between countries.

USF students also see the retaliation as a way of getting rid of the world’s terrorists.

“I totally support any attacks on (Afghanistan) because they harbor terrorists,” junior Erin Redfield said. “Part of the government isn’t to blame, but since they harbor terrorists, (attacks do) need to be done.”

Charlie Tran, a senior, said that he believes in the government as long as the military know where to go, and no innocent people die in the process,

“I trust them with their intelligence and capabilities of target,” Tran said.

Senior Kristen Cabot agreed with Tran, but said just bombing isn’t enough.

“I think that it wasn’t enough and Osama bin Laden is not dead,” Cabot said. Cabot also said that she supports Bush because of his knowledge of all that is going on around the world and in the United States.

Twenty-six days for Americans was a little too long to wait to retaliate and find information, Tran also said.

Yet, almost four weeks after the terrorist attacks in New York and the Pentagon, some students are still not up to date on what is going on around the world.

“Given that I am not educated enough on the subject, I would say that whatever was done, it still wasn’t enough,” senior Erin Medearis said.

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