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End gender pay discrimination

Four female Kash n? Karry employees are suing the chain for gender discrimination. According to their lawsuit, the grocery chain is accused of paying women less than men for the same or similar work.

Today, such antiquated actions need to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible so that all workers, regardless of gender, race or any other supposed separating factor, are treated with the same respect and dignity across the board.

The four women work at different stores, but eventually, through word of mouth, learned that their male counterparts were being paid $1,500 to $4,000 more for the same or similar work. The women?s lawyer, David J. Linesch, has suggested that promotions were also gender-biased as well.

As offensive as the lower wages are, insult was added when the women confronted their mangers and were not compensated for the disparity. Kash n? Karry made a statement Thursday saying it hadn?t even reviewed the case.

Measures need to be made so that employees are not taken advantage of and when similar issues arise, concerning pay, benefits and promotions, there are people working toward maintaining good employee relations.

Standards such as not discussing pay with others at work is meant to keep workers from getting overly competitive, but at the same time such codes keep minorities and potential victims unaware of being taken advantage.

Kash n? Karry should review the lawsuit and do what is right, just as Publix did in 1997 when it awarded an $85-million settlement due to gender discrimination. Everyone is entitled to fair pay and promotions. Kash n? Karry should recognize this and amend its discrimination to reflect it.