Bull Bytes

A day before the USF football team leaves for its season opener at Northern Illinois, Oracle reporter Jarrett Guthrie caught up with senior safety Joe Morgan for a few questions following an afternoon practice.

Q: What was the last CD you listened to?
A: Juvenile?s Project English.

Q: If you could pick two famous people, one alive, one dead, to have dinner with whom would they be?
A: I guess dead, I?d pick Bob Marley and alive huh, (laughs) probably Paul Tagliabue.

Q: When you dream at night, what NFL player are you breaking up a play against?
A: I see myself going right in there and hitting Mike Alstott right in the mouth.

Q: Who is the biggest trash talker on the football team?
A: Hugh Smith.

Q: Who is the sharpest dresser on the team?
A: That could be Emerson Morris, he?s gotta be pretty sharp.

Q: Who is the best at the EA Sports College 2002 video game?
A: Me, by far.

Q: Who is a better free-throw shooter, you or B.B. Waldon?
A: B.B. might have me on that one, I?m a little rusty.

Q: Who is funnier: Chris Rock or Chris Tucker?
A: Chris Tucker, every day.

Q: Who is the better arena rock band, Journey or Styx?
A: I?ll go with Journey.

Q: What would it take for USF to be on Sports Center?
A: Antonio Bryant crosses the middle and I knock his helmet off (Morgan then hums the Sports Center theme as he leaves the interview).

Each week, the Sports staff of The Oracle will compile 10 questions for a USF coach or athlete. The series will run every Wednesday this fall. Send questions or requests for athletes to oraclesports@yahoo.com