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Jurassic 3 welcomes you to jungle again

It shouldn’t have been difficult to be a better sequel than The Lost World, but somehow Jurassic Park 3 manages the feat.

Its by-the-numbers script, increasingly obvious plot twists, and absolutely no good explanation of why Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) would ever again get within a twenty mile radius of these terrible lizards, make Jurassic Park 3 a painful 85 minutes of tape.

The third time around the special effects remain incredible, but less new and ambitious, since anyone would agree that tuning into the Discovery Channel for “When Dinosaurs Roamed America” was just as technologically sound and that plot, though little more than a nature video, was much more riveting.

New monsters include the massive Spinosaurus, which at one point goes head to head with the Tyrannosaurus rex, and the swooping Pteranodons, which provide the film’s few spine tingling moments.

Critics can speculate that it is the lack of the Spielberg touch that makes this movie such a monstrosity, but the fallacy in their statements comes in the form of The Lost World. Maybe the truth is that dinosaurs are getting overplayed and movies need something bigger and scarier to provide enough shock value to carry a bad script.

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