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In Memory of Travis Wright

Letter to the Editor

The tragic departure of Travis Wright
Has caught everyone with great surprise.
How could such a caring, great guy
Die in such a tragic method? Why?

Everyone who knew him or worked with him
Will each grieve this lose in their own way.
This poem is intended to pay special tribute
To a man who could always brighten your day.

Travis served time in the U.S. Marine Corps,
I believe he served our country in an exemplarily way.
Once out, he proceeded with his career goals
Willing to work hard but also taking time to play.

Travis was well-liked and greatly respected
By those he worked with in USF’s Physical Plant.
He was a dedicated worker in his responsibilities
While being known to be a respectful man.

There were those who worked in Facilities Planning
Who also had professional or personal contact with him.
Everyone enjoyed their encounters with Travis
For he was a man upon whom you could depend.

I, having worked in Facilities Planning only five weeks,
Wasn’t blessed to know this delightful, caring man.
However, I’ve asked a couple of people to describe him
So this poem could accurately reflect truth avoiding distortion.

Travis has been described as a wonderful young man
Always willing to assist with anything he could.
That was also evident in Ybor City on “that night”
When he came to the defense of some ladies, he stood.

Kind has been another word that I’ve heard;
Webster describes kind as having a gentle, considerate nature.
This is a special attribute to find in a youth of today
For it can be uncommon in this day of our culture.

The word funny also came up when describing Travis,
He had the natural ability to provide laughter to many.
People sensed he genuinely loved life and those around
So he always tried to enjoy every minute of each day.

Travis could carry on his end of any conversation
With the grace of a prince and the fun of a clown.
He strived to speak while encouraging those around
He sought to lift them up if they were down.

He played rugby on the USF’s rugby team . . .
A true team member Travis always would be.
He functioned as “part of the whole team”
It wasn’t only little you and great big me!

He was working on his engineering degree
Which can be a tough schedule to keep up with.
He put forth his best in each assignment due
Perhaps viewing it as to his parents a gift.

He partnered with others in off road biking
Having a blast each mile he would travel.
His love for this exhilarating sport was great
And with his buddies it was easy to be real.

His bright smile won’t be seen any more.
However, it has been captured in time by photographers’ eyes.
Or, it is locked in the memory banks of your minds,
Think of his smile, easily done if you try.

You can take a clear drinking glass in your hand
Then fill it less than half full with water.
It can be viewed as almost half full, if you desire,
Or over half empty, whichever you feel.

Travis’ life was obviously cut short in years
However, the part he lived was full and fun.
He put forth his very best in all he did
Having a blast at all that he had done.

If Travis could speak to each of us right now
I believe there are several things he might say.
One would be his encouragement to enjoy life
While trying to make a difference in someone’s life each day.

This is certainly an attainable goal for all of us,
Just think how nicer our part of the world would be.
I believe that is the approach Travis would take
For that is why he was liked by so many.

I believe he would encourage us to do unto others
In the same method we would have them do unto us.
Perhaps that’s another reason Travis was so respected
People knew he was sincere and a person they could trust.

I believe he would encourage everyone to grieve
In the method that is comfortable for them.
For he knew that grieving is part of healing
He would want you to work thru what’s happened to him.