Picture of the Day: Dance till you die

Chemical engineering senior Patrick Foley dances with psychology and public relations sophomore Valerie Schein on Wednesday night at the Swinging Bulls’ Zombie Sock Hop. Acknowledging that poodle skirts and pink satin jackets aren’t usually the attire of choice for flesh-eating monsters, Foley, president of Swinging Bulls, said that zombies and […]

Finding computers on campus

Searching for an available computer in USF’s Tampa Library is like finding a parking space on campus: both activities are often time-consuming. “There is always at least a ten minute wait, and I am annoyed when I see people on Facebook or MySpace while I have work to do,” said […]

Student political groups encourage youth vote

A show of hands demonstrated that most of the about 250 students witnessing the first presidential debate between the College Democrats and the College Republicans were first-time voters. Sponsored by Student Government, each party was represented by three students who became experts that night on political topics, such as the […]

SG and Faculty Senate to hire auditor for USF

Student Government questioned the administration’s spending habits with a proposal passed Tuesday night, allowing SG and Faculty Senate to jointly hire an outside evaluator to examine how USF spends its reserve funds. “We are seeking more transparency from the USF administration,” said Daniel Shelnutt, chairman of the Interim Funding and […]

ROTC students might vote differently this election season

Judging from the tone of political T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers around campus — not to mention the Oct. 20 straw poll — it seems most USF students have a preferred presidential candidate come Election Day — Sen. Barack Obama. Though USF students — along with their collegiatepeers across the […]

Student loans harder to obtain

Wall Street’s credit crunch is making it harder for students to receive private loans, leaving some pressed for ways to fund a university education. More than 168 private loan lenders have stopped participating in a federally guaranteed student loan program, according to, and the University’s list of preferred loan […]

USF hopes to raise more than $400 million in research grants

Despite a souring economy and University budget cuts, President Judy Genshaft said USF’s focus on research has not dwindled. In her fall address, Genshaft said she wants the University to concentrate on finding other sources of funding — such as research grants — to offset state budget cuts. And key […]

Early polling buses won’t influence how students vote

For the rest of the week, students can get a free ride to the Temple Terrace Public Library early voting station — compliments of Congresswoman Kathy Castor’s campaign and the College Democrats. Officials from both organizations said their Democratic affiliation shouldn’t sway voters to vote one way or another. “We’re […]

Grad student seeks way to detoxify metals

A graduate student and part-time salsa dancer may one day find a way to change harmful metals, such as arsenic or chromium, into a non-toxic state. Andrea Rocha, a 30-year-old doctoral student studying civil and environmental engineering, is taking an Alliance in Math and Science (RAMS) internship, which gives students […]

Breaking down the ballot

In addition to voting for the president of the United States and other government officials on Nov. 4, Floridians will be voting on six amendments to the state constitution. Below is an explanation of each amendment and what it means to vote for them or against them. Amendment 1: Property […]