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Out-of-state student fees to increase


Despite a proposed fee increase for out-of-state students, Provost Ralph Wilcox said USF will still be the “best out-of-state value of any university in the state of Florida.”

The proposal was introduced at Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting at the USF St. Petersburg campus, and despite the increases, Wilcox said he is sure this will not affect out-of-state students’ interest in the university, which offers the lowest out-of-state student tuition for undergraduate and graduate students among Florida public universities.

“We believe, through our careful analysis, that this is not going to significantly impact our ability to recruit talented students from out of state, both international and from other states,” Wilcox said.

As part of the university’s recommendations for the 2013-14 school year, undergraduate students who are classified as out-of-state students or international students will see a 10 percent increase in the amount of fees they are charged each semester.

Non-Florida graduate student fees will increase 5 percent, as will fees for out-of-state doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) students.

Out-of-state students in the doctor of physical therapy program would also see a fee increase of
3 percent.

Fees for out-of-state students help offset the cost of their education, since USF receives no taxpayer money to admit them to the school. Wilcox said that, to him, this fee seems reasonable to charge to students.

“We’re not in the business of subsidizing the cost of education for students from outside of the state,” he said.

Out-of-state and international students make up 3.5 percent of the total USF student body, and tuition and fees for undergraduate students at the Tampa campus in the 2012-13 school year cost $16,256. With the proposed fee increase, the cost will be $17,204.

— Staff report