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Trump refuses to participate in upcoming debate

Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and Fox News anchor/debate moderator Megyn Kelly. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE. Tuesday, Donald Trump announced he would be boycotting today’s scheduled GOP debate after Fox chose Megyn Kelly to participate as one of the moderators.  Trump and Kelly have been bickering since the first Republican primary […]

Republican candidates trump Donald

The fourth republican presidential debate of this campaign season led to a pleasant surprise. The candidates actually spent time focusing on issues rather than personally attacking each other.  While no single contender came out as a clear winner, several held their own and finally stepped up to the plate during […]

Fiorina tries, fails to capture female vote

The republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race met for the third GOP debate Wednesday. The entire night consisted of tearing each other apart and diverting from important issues.  While most candidates attempted to distract viewers with outlandish rants about anything but the topic, a few, in the heat of […]