Library offers faster check-out

A new self-checkout system at the USF Library has technologically updated the facility and could speed up checkout time. “This is one of those things that have been around for years,” said Merilyn Burke, associate director of Access and Media Services. “Just about every public library has one, even the […]

High unemployment rate won’t leave students jobless

Statistics foreshadow bleak job-hunting for students graduating college, but part-time work for college students is attainable. At 6.5 percent, Florida’s unemployment rate is a bit higher than the national average of 6.1 percent — and Tampa’s unemployment rate is an even higher 6.9 percent. In the last year, the national […]

Keeping track of the Bull Runner

A new bus-tracking system utilizing GPS technology is being considered that would allow students to better budget their time when waiting for the Bull Runner. Plans for a bus-tracking system began last spring when Student Body President Gregory Morgan was contacted by a company offering this service. Morgan was serving […]

Saying goodbye to the old Marshall Center

Students and faculty gathered under a tent outside the new Marshall Student Center on Wednesday to reminisce about the old while embracing the new. A ceremony was held to take one last glance at the Phyllis P. Marshall Center before its demolition, which is scheduled for completion by the end […]

USF Polytechnic closed for the rest of the day

At 1:46 p.m. USF Polytechnic (USFP) sent a text message stating that “USF Poly/Lakeland students, faculty and staff should not return today.” USF Polytechnic officials don’t have an official response as to why the campus was evacuated, but they attribute it to the sharing of the building with Polk Community College […]

Registration policy faces possible changes

If scholarships, job opportunities and parental approval weren’t motivation enough, good grades might earn students early course registration as well. A new system has been proposed that would prioritize students’ registration based on GPA rather than just credit hours. Students in priority groups — such as honors and ROTC  students […]

‘Climate’ control

Nearly five months after an investigator uncovered numerous reports of bullying in Student Affairs and questioned whether division Vice President Jennifer Meningall could handle her job without additional management training, USF has implemented one of the investigator’s five recommendations for fixing a work environment then-described as a “climate of distrust […]

School scores upgraded facilities

USF and Hillsborough County are teaming up to roll out $2.7 million in improvements to the University’s soccer field and track, a move USF Athletics officials hope will draw better athletes to the school. The county offered the University money to renovate the campus’ soccer and track facilities in return […]

Outdated classrooms get a tech makeover

USF has brought some of its oldest classrooms into the iPhone age. The University outfitted 50 classrooms — more than half of them in Cooper Hall — with new instructional technology packages this summer. The upgrades completed a project to modernize 140 general-use classrooms across campus. “Prior to this fall, […]