Voting numbers discrepancy still unanswered by officials

Almost a week after a seeming discrepancy between the total number of ballots cast at the Marshall Student Center and the number of votes cast for president was discovered, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office has yet to answer questions about the difference. Initial polling results Tuesday indicated that […]

Red-light cameras not quite illegal

At first, it sounds like a paradox: Red-light cameras have been installed at intersections around USF to catch people who run lights, but it’s against state law to use the cameras to enforce traffic violations. Though Florida law states that these red-light cameras are illegal in some situations, the Temple […]

Picking the next president of the United States

Sen. John McCain’s platforms: EconomyJohn McCain said he plans to create the National Commission on Workplace Flexibility and Choice. Through the commission, McCain plans to modernize the nation’s labor laws to allow for more flexible scheduling arrangements. He said he wants to promote “telework” so employees can spend less time […]

Grade inflation not a problem at USF, some say

Over the past decade, the average GPA of USF students has risen slightly, but officials said it’s not likely that   this  is  due  to professors bolstering grades. The average GPA at the University was 2.99 in 1998, 3.04 in 2003 and 3.06 in 2008, prompting some to wonder whether these […]

Freedom to vote, freedom to eat

On the way back to campus, voting students can snag cheap — or free — food and drinks just for exercising their constitutional right. In support of Election Day, the following establishments are giving out free or discounted goods in exchange for that little “I voted” sticker. Starbucks — 50th […]

Elections don’t affect most political science classes

Though the 2008 presidential election has more students interested in politics, political science teachers aren’t using the election as a tool in their classrooms. Current political issues are sometimes raised at the beginning of J. Edwin Benton’s Political Behavior/Public Opinion/Elections class, but the main focus of the class is to […]

Alcohol might shrink the brain, cause dementia

Alcohol consumption, even in small amounts, might shrink brain size in the long run, according to a recent study. The study, conducted at Boston University, tested 1,839 people age 33-88. It shows that there is about a 1.5 percent difference between the total brain volume of heavy alcohol drinkers and […]

Student Government: Voter apathy may be linked to lack of political parties

USF students seem to be passionate about many things: athletics, the environment and the upcoming presidential election. This passion doesn’t appear to translate to Student Government, however, when comparing the number of voting students with student government elections of other Florida universities, such as the University of Florida (UF) and […]

Plunging gas prices about to slow down

Every morning, a few pennies peel off of gas stations’ signs. A nickel here, a dime there. From Tuesday to Wednesday, the price of a gallon of regular gas at the Citgo station on Livingston and Bearss avenues dropped 17 cents, from $2.59 to $2.42. Though that number has since […]

Far reach for new equipment

Budget cuts and a continually declining economy have made it difficult for University Police to have all the equipment it needs to work efficiently. Better equipment for its tactical team — a group trained to intervene during violent situations on campus — and trained drug and bomb detection dogs are […]