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PHOTO GALLERY: Sister Cindy is back at USF

Carrying an “obey Jesus” bible and wearing pink boots, Cindy Smock, social media college preacher better known as “Sister Cindy,” spoke at the Marshall Student Center (MSC) Amphitheater from noon to 4 p.m. on Monday. 

Smock, once a University of Florida Gator, now tours universities in order to spread her “gospel” to students.

While inquiring whether or not students were sexually active and “smoking joints,” Smock distributed “Ho No Mo” buttons to those who engaged in conversation.

Among her several catchphrases such as “Hell is hot, don’t be a thot,” Smock uses her social media platform to encourage young girls in college to not engage in premarital sex.

“You are here to study, you didn’t enroll to the University of ‘Slutty’ Florida,” Smock said, gaining audible gasps and laughs from the crowd.

One student took the time to address his favorite proverb from the bible, proceeding to sing to a crowd of around 50 students. Smock exchanged information with him and gifted him a button. 

As students passed by in between classes, some took the time to quickly get a picture or video of the famous preacher. 

Smock said she will be back to address her own college years on Tuesday at the same place, same time. 


Julia Saad, News Editor and Justin Seecharan, Multimedia Editor

Julia Saad started as a news correspondent in fall 2022. During Saad's tenure at The Oracle, she has covered a variety of news. However, Saad's favorite topic to cover is being able to place readers in the ambient environments of USF events.