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OPINION: Need a place to hammock? Here are some campus options.

Hang with nature at Simmons Park. ORACLE PHOTO/ABIGAIL NICHOLS

As college students, we want one thing: something free and fun to do. One thing that combines these two qualities is hammocking. Not only is it free, but it’s an entertaining way to reduce stress and increase relaxation by being out in nature.

Don’t have a hammock? Affordable ones are available on Amazon for $11.99, Walmart for $15.99 and Target for $21.99. 

Grab your hammock and take advantage of USF’s beautiful landscape by hammocking at these locations. 


MLK Plaza

It’s easy to miss the beautiful display of trees and flowers behind MSC on central campus. The pillars submerged in flowers makes one forget about being in the center of the hustle on campus. MLK Plaza makes for a great place to hoist up a hammock not only for the convenient location, but the quick Chick-fil-A access.

Waterfront view at USF’s Research Park. ORACLE PHOTO/ABIGAIL NICHOLS

USF Research Park

USF’s very own research park is a hidden cove on Spectrum Boulevard. The waterfront view and isolation gives the air a peaceful scent, making it a great hideaway for hammocks. 

Fellow bulls at Simmons Park. ORACLE PHOTO/ ABIGAIL NICHOLS

Simmons Park on USF Magnolia Drive

What better way to hammock than with ducks? Located on USF Magnolia Drive, Simmons Park is full of webbed friends to hang with. Not only will you see friendly creatures, but the park also has a walking path to stretch out your hammocking legs. 


Greek Village on USF Holly Drive

On the northeast corner of campus, a lawn full of trees is waiting for a hammock. This lawn is tucked behind Greek Village, making it a convenient location for bypassers. 

A “slaying” sunset at USF GeoPark. ORACLE PHOTO/ABIGAIL NICHOLS

USF GeoPark on USF Magnolia Dr

Last, but certainly not least, is the USF GeoPark. Here, students can hammock away the stress of the day under the cover of mossy trees. Enjoy a sunset view under the cover of winding branches.