Gina Cerezuela Robuste announced as new women’s basketball assistant coach

Gina Cerezuela Robuste played as a center at Coker University from 2016-17. USF ATHLETICS PHOTO

USF’s women’s basketball coach Jose Fernandez announced the hiring of new assistant coach and director of global recruiting Gina Cerezuela Robuste on Monday. 

Her recruiting will focus primarily in Europe. 

Out of the 15 players on the women’s basketball roster, 12 are international, eight being from Europe. 

Cerezuela Robuste has coached both men’s and women’s basketball teams in Spain since 2019. Her first coaching position was as an assistant for the team Femení Maresme in Barcelona, where she helped take them to the state championship.

While working with Femení Maresme, Cerezuela Robuste helped seven players get recruited to American colleges. Six of those players now play for NCAA Division 1 schools.

During the 2020-21 season, Cerezuela Robuste’s experience as a coach expanded as she trained the men’s U17 Unió Esportiva Sant Cugat team in Barcelona as well. 

While at Unió Esportiva Sant Cugat, she took on many managerial responsibilities such as recruitment, skill development, player evaluation and academic support. 

For the past three years, Cerezuela Robuste has been a recruiting coordinator for PickUS Education. This organization focuses on helping female European players get recruited to American schools.

Cerezuela Robuste provided assistance to student-athletes who wanted to be recruited to American colleges and helped with their visa applications.

Before her coaching career, Cerezuela Robuste also played as a center at Coker University from 2016-17. She graduated from Coker in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Cerezuela Robuste’s first game with the Bulls as their assistant coach is set for Nov. 6 against UT Arlington at the Yuengling Center.