Castor Beach summer renovations includes green chairs, white sand

The renovations to Castor beach include new tables, seating and benches with plans to add white sand to the area in the next month or two, according to Director of Communications and Engagement Aaron Nichols. ORACLE PHOTO/DIEGO ADESSO

USF completed a series of improvements to the Castor Beach area over the summer, according to Director of Communications and Engagement Aaron Nichols. Nichols said the $18,000 renovations, funded through the Facilities Services department’s budget, included the addition of new furniture such as:

  • Six green and gray lounge chairs for $5,994
  • Two carrousel tables for $4,534
  • One equinox umbrella for $3,744
  • One trash/recycle can for $747
  • One beach umbrella for $597

The new additions replaced older furniture, which were upgraded “as needed,” according to Nichols. The renovations are part of the general upkeep and maintenance of the campus, Nichols said. 

He noted that improvement of the Castor Beach area specifically is focused on providing a positive experience for students. 

The university’s ground team still plans to add white sand, which is estimated to cost $700, to the area, but are still obtaining quotes, according to Nichols. 

When the sand is added, the area will be closed down for about two hours so the sand can be spread. The work is estimated to be completed in the next 30 to 60 days.