Report: USF to hire Todd Orlando, Kevin Patrick to coach defense

USF has not officially announced if both coaches will join the staff, but it is likely given recent social media reports. ORACLE PHOTO/ALEXANDRA URBAN

With a new head coach comes new hires to rebuild the staff. There are reports of who coach Alex Golesh chose to oversee the defensive line, but none have been confirmed yet by USF Athletics.

Golesh said at his Monday introductory ceremony he already hired a defensive coordinator, but wouldn’t announce a name.

Bulls247 reporter Will Turner tweeted Tuesday that his hires seem to be “Twitter-official,” despite there being no announcement from Athletics.

The two new possible staff members include former Florida Atlantic defense coordinator Todd Orlando and defensive line coach Kevin Patrick. Both of their Twitter accounts have been updated with what seems to be their official USF positions.

It also appears that the two are already actively sifting through recruits.

Tagged in three-star recruit Maverick Gracio’s post are both Orlando and Patrick, saying the two have issued him an official offer to join the Bulls.

Reports of Orlando being hired began Monday, first by college football insider Pete Thamel citing his sources.

As for Patrick, the former Bull recruiter was reported to be joining USF Tuesday afternoon.

Patrick has once already played a role in the South Florida football coaching staff, where he was a defensive ends coach from 1996-98 and again in 2008. He was promoted to the defensive line in 2009 and defensive tackles in 2010.

As of Tuesday, USF Athletics has yet to confirm either hire.