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BOG vote to determine nursing program expansion

A vote at Tuesday’s BOG meeting will decide if Moffitt Cancer Center will match an $82,000 increase in budget to the USF College of Nursing. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

The Board of Governors (BOG) is scheduled to decide whether the USF College of Nursing will receive $164,000 in additional funding at Tuesday’s meeting.

Proposals come in attempts to boost enrollment and attract more nursing students to the university amid a national nursing shortage.

Although the pandemic worsened the shortage, the U.S. has been experiencing a deficit in nurses since 2016, according to Revcycle Intelligence.

If no action is taken by federal and state leaders, the deficit is expected to expand from 200,000-450,000 nurses, according to Revcycle Intelligence.

In collaboration with Moffitt Cancer Center, the proposed funding would provide simulation equipment to support accelerated second-degree students on the Tampa campus, according to the fund proposal. Changes to the college necessary to house the new equipment would incorporate a 35,000-square-foot add-on for simulation and debrief rooms.

Funding is coming from split ends as half is coming from the State University System’s 2022-23 Linking Industry to Nursing Education Fund Proposal while Moffitt is to match an additional $82,000.

By teaming up with Moffitt, plans for USF nursing students include being presented with more learning and mentoring from practicing nurses in collaborating on the simulations.