USF faculty to see wage increase by end of month

At a Tuesday Board of Trustees meeting, President Rhea Law and other trustees, such as Chairman Will Weatherford, approved of the increases in pay. ORACLE PHOTO/ALEXANDRA URBAN

President Rhea Law announced the university will raise its minimum wage for employees by the end of this month and increase base salaries by late October.

The university’s minimum wage will be raised to $15 per hour for eligible employees, according to Law. Additionally, a 3% increase in eligible, out-of-unit employees’ base salaries is expected.

This initiative comes as Law said she recognizes USF can do more to support its employees.

The increase in pay is also motivated by competitive hiring, according to Law.

“We do this because we understand we need to be competitive. We are in a race for talent,” Law said. “We want to retain the good people we have.”