USF’s green machine, on and off the field

Senior pitcher Georgina Corrick earned multiple accolades last season such as AAC Pitcher of the Year and AAC First-Team All-Conference. USF ATHLETICS PHOTO

Entering her fifth year with the Bulls, senior pitcher Georgina Corrick has managed to etch her name in the softball program’s record books as one of the most dominant athletes at USF since her arrival.

She ranks in the top 10 of nearly every major pitching statistic, including winning percentage, shutouts and wins. The senior has racked 333 strikeouts, 28 complete games and 228.1 innings pitched. 

Corrick is not just the star of the softball team, however. She is also a global sustainability graduate student with the urge to make a change. 

“I did my undergraduate in marine biology and with minors in psychology and environmental policy, and I just was really fascinated with the idea of how things work together, the idea of everything being a system,” Corrick said. “I really like the biological aspect of sustainability.” 

Although working in such a complex field can be stressful at times, Corrick has had the guidance and experiences that have made her studies all the more enjoyable.

“I’ve had a really great time working with my professors, especially professor [T.H.] Culhane and Dr. [Joseph] Dorsey that work here at the Patel College,” she said. “I’ve had a chance to work with biodigesters. I’ve had a chance to work with grinding plastics and reusing them and turning them into things that, instead of waste, can actually have new life as usable objects. 

“I think that’s really fascinating.”

To Corrick, creating new things is something not only fascinating but helpful to the environment. For her, it is important that people find different ways in being able to give back to what is around people in the world. 

It has also given her another chance to play the sport she loves. She took advantage of an extra year of NCAA eligibility due to the COVID-19 policy to continue her studies and playing. 

“I love the idea of understanding how the world works around us and being a natural part of it instead of someone who comes in and takes without ever returning,” Corrick said. 

“I thought sustainability was really cool, and it provided me an opportunity to stay a fifth year at USF.”

Corrick said she finds a way to implement her studies from the classroom to the field, not only for herself but for her teammates. Her education has opened her eyes to a new light and comprehension of softball. 

“What I’m working with is understanding how people can work as a team, we are a system out here. If you’ve got 9-10 girls on the team, every single one of them is doing a job,” Corrick said. “Every single one of them is working as a unit, as a machine. Take one cog out of that machine, it just ruins it entirely. 

“So it’s interesting how things can be really, really different but also very much the same at the same time. I think it’s kind of poetic that way.”

Corrick’s hard work shines through in every aspect of her life. The people around her notice it through her demeanor and work ethic. To redshirt sophomore outfielder Meghan Sheehan, she is a team player when it comes to the game.

“She’s just the kind of person you always want to play behind, play with, have by your side when you do something good because she’s cheering you on, but she’s also just a great friend,” she said.

Coach Ken Eriksen has led Corrick through every season and has seen her grow into who she is today. With her drive not being solely focused on softball, Eriksen gives his star a lot of praise for her efforts off the field.

“You see a young woman that you hope your daughter grows up to be. You see a young woman out there that probably at some point if I stay in the business world, I’m going to be working for her,” Eriksen said.  

“I mean, she is so excellent, smart, articulate, a leader by example, … and she’s never really concerned.”

Aside from her pitching and teamwork skills, Sheehan said Corrick is a great friend to those on the team, on and off the field.

“She’s got a wicked sense of humor. She’s hysterical. She’s loyal. She always finds something fun for us to do,” Sheehan said. “She’s always getting me into adventures, so she’s just a wonderful human.

“I feel very lucky that the game brought us together, but I’m confident that even if we didn’t play softball, we’d still be best friends.”