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Currall condemns mob in Capitol

After mobs of people broke into the Capitol building in opposition to the electoral count, President Steven Currall made a statement clarifying what role USF has in a time of heavy political unrest. ORACLE PHOTO/LEDA ALVIM

President Steven Currall released a statement Thursday afternoon condemning the storming of the Capitol building Wednesday afternoon in response to the counting of the electoral votes from the presidential election, deeming the events “deeply troubling.” 

“In the face of Wednesday’s thwarted efforts to derail the Constitutional process, USF’s mission — and our civic responsibility — is more important than ever,” said Currall. 

Currall said that USF’s role as an institution for higher education plays an important part in teaching the country’s next generation “the value of rigorous intellectual inquiry.”

The statement was concluded with Currall’s faith that the “democratic process will prevail.”