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Athletics reduces staff, budget due to COVID-19

USF Athletics on Thursday announced it’s eliminating 30 positions and implementing furloughs and pay cuts. It is expected USF will save approximately $2.5 million. USF ATHLETICS PHOTO

USF Athletics on Thursday announced department-wide budget cuts, including the elimination of 30 positions, salary reductions and furloughs for all salaried staff members for the remainder of the fiscal year 2020-2021.

“Today is a day I hoped would never come, but the budget realities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic have caused us to reach this point,” Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly said in a statement. “We have tremendously talented and hard-working people and they are a treasured resource, but we simply are not able to align our budget with current revenue projections without making extremely difficult and painful decisions that unfortunately negatively impact our staff and their families. While our sacrifice is shared, my heart breaks, especially for those colleagues whose jobs have been eliminated.”

Kelly, football coach Jeff Scott and men’s basketball coach Brian Gregory have taken a 15% pay reduction. Additionally, all salaried personnel will be furloughed or have their pay reduced by 2-12.5% of their salary. The highest earners will take the largest pay cuts.

Performance bonuses and automobile stipends for staff members have also been suspended.

The pay cuts will save USF Athletics around $2.5 million.

In the spring, the department implemented a 12% reduction in each operating unit, which did not include pay cuts or layoffs.

The news comes after it was announced Wednesday that USF senior leadership, including President Steven Currall, would be taking pay cuts as part of the university’s effort to compensate for a reduction in state funding.

Although the measures being put in place by USF Athletics will make up for some of the financial impacts of COVID-19, Kelly said they are not enough and is encouraging donations to fundraisers like the Uplift the Bulls campaign, which has raised more than $9 million in scholarship funds for players.

“Despite these significant steps, these actions alone will not fully solve our budget challenges,” Kelly said. “We must continue to be highly mindful of our operational spending and be excellent stewards of the dollars we receive. Now, more than ever, we will all work hand-in-hand with our Bulls Club staff to increase our fundraising efforts and we appreciate the many fans who donated to the Uplift the Bulls campaign as we continue to manage through these unprecedented times.”