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The Oracle Sports Podcast – Lauren Farr

In this episode of The Oracle Sports Podcast, Nolan and Hannah discuss KJ Sails’ Unity Walk (which happened Saturday, June 6), Jordan McCloud’s involvement in the community and sit down with USF SunDoll captain Lauren Farr to discuss the challenges coronavirus has presented her team and a football season potentially without fans.

NOTE: This podcast was recorded on Thursday, June 4. At the time, Florida State head coach was criticized by FSU defensive tackle Marvin Wilson. In an interview with Tashan Reed of The Athletic, Norvell said he “had a lot of open communication” with his players and “went back and forth individually with every player this weekend” in reference to open dialogue following the murder of George Floyd by four Minnesota police officers. Wilson didn’t see it this way and publicly called out his head coach, accusing him of lying. Norvell apologized, saying he was wrong to say he spoke with every player. It was deemed a miscommunication and Norvell took steps to open dialogue with his players. Wilson said he was ready to move past the situation.