Currall finalizes ‘Principles of Community’ task force

A committee of 16 university stakeholders has until Feb. 28, 2020 to present their ideas about the university’s mission to President Steven Currall. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

USF President Steven Currall has selected his “sweet 16” to represent his newest task force, “Principles of Community.” 

Currall sent out an email Wednesday to students, faculty and staff announcing the task force that will represent USF’s three campuses — Tampa, St. Pete and Sarasota-Manatee.

The 16 university stakeholders will work together to create a one-page document that will lay out the university’s main values and missions. The purpose of the committee is to reinforce a “campus climate of mutual support among faculty, staff and students,” according to the email.

Some of the members include the three campus student body presidents, the three campus faculty senate presidents, Vice President and Executive Director of the Alumni Association Bill McCausland, Senior Associate Athletic Director Meredith Scerba and Genshaft Honors College Dean Charles Adams.

The committee has until Feb. 28, 2020 to present their ideas to Currall, which will eventually be shared universitywide.

University Ombudsperson Steve Prevaux will serve a facilitative role for the task force. Ombuds are independent, confidential and impartial people who represent the university.

Currall said that this task force was also inspired by other universities with a Principles of Community.

Some institutions using the principles include the University of California, Santa Cruz; University of California, San Diego; Kansas State University; Iowa State University; and Currall’s previous institution, the University of California-Davis.

There are no details as to what the one-page document is expected to look like, however, most of the other universities have about 4 to 8 key attributes that they abide by. 

Specifically, the University of California-Davis’ Principal of Community said the university prioritizes learning, teaching, research and public service.

Currall shared the task force idea in his introductory letter that was sent out to the university July 1. It is also one of the aspects of Currall’s “strategic renewal” plan.

“My hope is that those Principles will reinforce a campus climate of mutual support among faculty, staff and students,” Currall said in the email. “The Principles will also help further facilitate our shared strategy, mission, vision and goals for ONE USF, Geographically Distributed.”