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Gunna’s contract full of extra requests

Gunna and his production team will be given a $600 dinner along with $750 worth of green room items. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

Popeyes chicken, two bottles of Hennessy cognac and one box of Backwoods Mild cigars were a few of the items Homecoming concert headliner Gunna requested for his performance.

The “Drip Too Hard” rapper is set to perform tonight in the Yuengling Center at 9 o’clock and he had a rider full of specific requests.

A rider is an attached agreement to a contract that provides perks and amenities for the artist.

In fact, Gunna and his production team will be given a $600 dinner along with $750 worth of green room items.

In the contract, Gunna’s team requested large quantities of food — specifically chicken.

This included 20 chicken wings, 40 chicken tenders and a family-sized Popeyes chicken meal with an assortment of white and dark meat.

His team also asked for 24 bottles of water, 12 cans of soda, two bottles of pineapple Fanta, assorted fresh juices, four regular Red Bulls and four yellow Red Bulls.

The contract was clear in specifying details such as having “clothing racks with 50 hangers” and one line even reads “All beverages must be iced prior to serving.”

Unfortunately for Gunna, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) was not able to meet all of his rider requests.

The contract stated that “The University may not purchase or provide alcoholic beverages for the producer nor shall the producer sell or supply alcoholic beverages without specific authority from the University.”

Although CSI cannot provide him with alcohol, Gunna requested one bottle of Moet Rose, two bottles of Hennessy and one bottle of Patron tequila.

“(CSI) sees these items on a lot of riders for the artists that we bring in year after year,” CSI Coordinator Jill Teeter said.

In fact, most of the items Gunna requested were in violation of CSI’s rules. 

“We do not provide any alcohol, tobacco, flammable items, after-show food, bus stock or clothing,” Teeter said.

Gunna’s dressing amenity requests include six white hand towels, six black hand towels, 10 large black hand towels, one pack of medium white V neck T-shirts, one pack of medium black V neck T-shirts, a speaker system with auxiliary cord and two boxes of Backwoods cigars.

Other aspects of the contract include production equipment, a request for a rolling riser and equipment for a DJ. 

Gunna’s performance will require a $5,000 video package, according to the Homecoming concert budget.

Additional concert costs include a $23,000 Yuengling Center rental, a $23,000 production budget, $9,500 for a middle agent and $250 for advertising.

The contract has 5,000 student tickets and 1,800 guest tickets as the maximum amount that can be sold to abide by the Yuengling Center’s capacity.

Only students are granted floor access, with members of the community seated above.

The total revenue cannot be determined as tickets are still available for purchase, according to Teeter.

Students were charged $10, student guests $15 and community members $25. 

The total cost of the concert is projected to be $152,100, with Gunna being paid $75,000 for his 60-minute performance, according to his contract.

Teeter said the requests are not uncommon for CSI and that they work with the agents to find a middle ground.

“We advance the show with the agents to determine which items on the rider are needed to make the artist comfortable during their time on campus,” Teeter said.