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Changing course: A Bull’s inspirational experience overseas

Moreno was so inspired by his study abroad trip to Cannes and Paris that he is planning on furthering his postgraduate studies at Central Saint Martins in London. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE/AMELIO NAZARKO

Juan Moreno, a third-year student who entered as a biomedical science major and eventually switched to integrated public relations and advertising, is no stranger to change. In fact, after three major changes, he welcomes it.

“I realized my passion was more important than what I assumed was practical,” said Moreno.

And what is that passion? Stemmed from a love of styling, Moreno realized early on that he wants to work in fashion.

“I’m usually the first person someone calls whenever they need advice about dressing themselves. Come to think of it, I’m surprised at how often I’m styling someone.”

But, in what ways have his studies at USF morphed him into one of the future fashion elites the university isn’t exactly known for churning out?

“USF is a bridge that continuously helps me get to where I need to go,” said Moreno.

His recent trip to Cannes and Paris with USF’s study abroad program evoked an interest in European culture, so much so that he is prepared to pursue postgraduate studies at Central Saint Martins in London.

Ever since Moreno discovered what he was meant to do and how USF can aid him in that journey, he’s met his academic career with a sense of gratitude and excitement.

“I’m extremely grateful that I get to explore myself academically and personally. Just being on campus motivates me.”

This radical shift in perspective did not come without a period of emotional turmoil.

“I felt unhappy and felt like I had no purpose,” said Moreno about his life prior to his final decision about what track to stay on.

He’s a polymath at heart, which is evident by the internal pluralism that governs his desire to do many things at once, regardless of the contrast between those pursuits.

Aside from being an integrated public relations and advertising student, Moreno is a peer financial educator at Bull2Bull, USF’s financial hub.

Through financial coaching sessions about money management, credit card responsibility, student loan advice, and other money-related concepts, he feels that he has made a lasting impact on the student community at USF.

His time at Bull2Bull has only bolstered the sense of gratitude he carries with him through life by exposing him to the goodness of others.

At Bull2Bull, he’s met people who take part in service breaks or USF’s need-based programs such as Feed-a-Bull. It’s people like this that he says inspire him to be the best version of himself.

Moreno has never been the type to stay still. After several character realizations and a dramatic academic repositioning, he feels fulfilled by the future he is carving out for himself. He urges current and incoming students to use the resources provided by USF.

“They are put there to enrich your life,” Moreno said.