Democrats can win back middle America

The Democratic National Committee announced Monday the location of its 2020 convention.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This news was disappointing to democrats in Miami and Houston who were vying to host the new Democratic nominee in their home cities. It is traditional for a political party to host its convention in what are deemed “swing states.”

The last three Republican conventions were Ohio, Florida and Minnesota and the last three Democratic conventions were in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Colorado.

The reason these cities were chosen was because of their electoral significance, which makes the choice of Milwaukee, Wisconsin notable. This choice makes clear that Democrats are determined to win back the middle of the country and with the right policies that benefit midwestern workers, they can do it.

However, the gesture toward the Midwest has to be more than symbolic and the Democratic party must implement new policies that will benefit the workers.

It is no surprise that 2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton lost the presidency due to her inability to win in places like Wisconsin, despite the fact that former President Barack Obama won this state in his two elections.

Her loss was, in part, due to the lack of hope she gave to the industries that are prevalent in midwestern states. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, was not shy about making big promises of prosperity on the campaign trail.

Democrats can send a similar message of hope that will be radically different from what they heard in 2016.

If the Democrats choose to focus on issues that are relevant to blue-collar workers like wage increases, unionization and common-sense trade, Republican support will shake.

Trump’s trade policy has been sporadic and inconsistent and has often scared the markets, if Democrats offer a level-headed approach, it could very well convince those that rely on trade to vote for them.

Rather than bragging on the stock market and other economic indicators that do little to increase wages for everyday Americans, Democrats should be advocating for policies like a minimum wage increase and Medicare for all, which lessens the economic burden on the country as a whole.

Thirdly, if the Democrats go back to their roots and support unions whole-heartedly and stand with workers in order to increase their benefits, it will be difficult for Republicans to rally the same kind of support they saw in 2016.

If these policies are successfully implemented in the 2020 agenda, it will put the Democrats on a road to success — and potentially the White House.


Jared Sellick is a senior majoring in political science