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Executive branch hopefuls expand on their platform

As the only ticket for student body president and vice president, Deas and McCloskey plan to keep some initiatives from their predecessors while adding a few of their own. ORACLE PHOTO/ALYSSA STEWART

Without the traditional bantering and interjections, Student Government (SG) held a ticket debate with unopposed candidates Britney Deas and Travis McCloskey who covered their platform initiatives and campaign objectives.

Craig Latimer, the supervisor of elections for Hillsborough County, moderated the event in the Marshall Student Center (MSC) Ballroom Wednesday night where the ticket underwent a question-and-answer period.

After being asked to describe her “Bull S.H.I.F.T” platform in three words, Deas chose relatable, determined and passionate.

One of the biggest points Deas and her running mate, McCloskey, reiterated was how they are not in a position to fill their “own agenda.”

“While we are representing SG, we are students as well and we’re at the same level as everyone else,” Deas said.                                                                                                                                 

Previous initiatives that the ticket said they wanted to continue was parking trackers in the parking garages and funding a football stadium.

“The previous administration set a great foundation for a football stadium,” McCloskey said. “We don’t have it on our platform right now, but that is something we want to work toward.”

As vice president, McCloskey will be responsible for overseeing the three agencies in SG, which are Bulls Radio, Computer Services and SAFE Team.

As the current chief financial officer of SG, McCloskey said he is confident with the connections he is making with his position.

“No matter who comes in, I know that I’ll have a good relationship with the people who I worked with beforehand,” McCloskey said.

McCloskey said when he was asked by Deas to be her running mate, it was an easy decision.

“When she asked me, I said ‘of course,’” McCloskey recalled.

The ticket agreed to split the responsibilities, although Deas’ position is held to a higher regard.

“On my job description I have three lines and Britney has like 20,” McCloskey said. “If she feels overwhelmed at any point, then we’re doing it wrong.”

McCloskey said delegating the funding is important because he wants students to feel empowered and able to create a niche on campus since most of the organizations are funded by SG.

“We want USF to not just be a place, but a home,” Deas said.

McCloskey said he is most excited to meet the next USF president after Judy Genshaft retires July 1.

“I cannot imagine what trajectory we are on with the next president,” McCloskey said. It’s going to be a different year, but hopefully an amazing year.”

The ticket used its five pillars in their platform — success, health, innovation, finance and tradition to show their support for students.

Deas said they are backing “UndocuAlly,” which supports undocumented students and a portal for international students which will provide job and internship security.

After being asked about upcoming changes, Deas said timeliness will be prioritized in the 60th  administration.

“There have been issues with hiring people on time and following statues, so come January we will have a foundation to finish initiatives on time,” Deas said.

The ticket said an overarching factor for why they decided to run was to provide transparency for students as well as a way to give back to the USF community.

“We do not measure USF by its achievements, but by its potential,” McCloskey said.

The first day of voting is Feb. 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. outside the MSC and various locations posted on the SG website.