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Initial results of tagline survey get nearly 2,000 responses, mixed feedback

The new tagline is expected to be finalized and implemented by February. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE/UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING

A few days still remain for alumni to voice their opinions on choosing the next tagline for USF.

According to Joe Hice, the university's chief marketing officer, a number have already weighed in.

We have received 1,805 responses so far and there is no clear favorite in the survey,” Hice said in an email to The Oracle.

The options listed in the survey are: “United, we Shape the Future,” “Horns Up,” “A Future Without Limits,” “Be Bullish” and “Expect Us.” There is also an “other” option, where voters can suggest ideas of their own.

“Horns Up and A Future Without Limits are the two taglines receiving the most votes, but United, we Shape the Future is not that far behind,” Hice said.

As of Tuesday morning, the two options in the lead were within just one vote of each other. “Horns Up” had 469 votes and “A Future Without Limits” had 468.

However, 286 alumni voters also chose the other option.

Some were certainly outlandish, with mockery suggestions like “Fire Gilbert, and Strong,” in reference USF football coaches, as well as a very clear message of  “WE DO NOT WANT THIS NEW LOGO.”

However, many of the responses also played off the since-removed controversial belief “Ambition Over Tradition.”

Such suggestions included “A Tradition of Ambition,” which had 25 suggestions itself. Other variations of the old belief were “Ambition built on Tradition” and “Ambition is Our Tradition.”

Hice said once the survey is complete, the results will be taken into consideration for choosing the tagline.

“We will use the results to help us finalize a tagline for our advertising during the coming year,” Hice said. “The ad campaign will begin in February and we’re working on the media plan and ideas over the holidays.”