The package bombs show the worst side of American politics


The feeling of getting a surprise package in the mail is usually one of joy and excitement. Wondering who it’s from, what’s inside and why it was sent are questions of positive suspense and curiosity. That wasn’t the case for some of the biggest figures in politics earlier this week.

Liberal donor George Soros, former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and more received a concerning package last week. Inside the packages were small explosive devices.

There’s an obvious answer to why Cesar Sayoc, a man from South Florida, felt confident in his decision to commit an act of terror against leaders on the left: President Donald Trump.

Violence has been a constant sentiment in Trump’s speeches ever since he began campaigning. From racism to sexism, he has offended almost everyone.

Now, America is following suit.

Citizens of both sides are more negative now than ever, and there is blame on the far left and right for escalating tensions.

Far left groups like ANTIFA are entirely irresponsible in their response to Trump’s hate. But simple facts point to a single event as the impetus — according to, the amount of hate crimes since the 2016 election have gone up more than 12 percent.

People hear how Trump talks about his citizens and let his tweets fuel their violent actions.

It is as simple as the difference between right and wrong.

Americans spewing hate on the street aren’t getting reprimanded as they should. How can we hold people to a higher standard than our president?

He incites cruelty with his words and his patrons follow their leader.

Violent offenders find it acceptable to let everyone know how inferior they are because of where they came from or who they support.

Sayoc allegedly sending 14 packages with bombs inside to political leaders screams political hate crime.

When people think brutality is tolerable, they push the limits until these limits are nonexistent. This could have been a warning. Or, it could have been the largest act of terrorism in the U.S. since ISIS hit and killed eight pedestrians in New York last year or the Parkland shooting that killed 17 people.

Trump released a tweet Thursday morning partially blaming “fake news” for the bombs sent through the mail. He says that, “Mainstream media must clean up its act, FAST.”

To this I say: Trump needs to log out of twitter and log into the country.

He must act on these terroristic doings or they will continue to worsen.

The condoning of violence shown from Trump is reflected through the activities of the people. Whether we like him or not, we’re all aware of what he does and when he does it. It’s the reality of our society that people pay more attention to negative news than positive. We need to start implementing real consequences for those in power.

The peace of our country is at stake.


Zoe Zbar is a junior majoring in marketing.