Delaying the vote was the right choice

When the Senate Judiciary Committee delayed Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court Friday, it was met with mixed emotions. Many people are using the sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh as an example of how the #MeToo movement is supposedly dividing America, while others are praising Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as a hero and an inspiration for women around the world.

Despite these mixed reactions, Senate made the right choice to delay the vote.

Ultimately, Kavanaugh is not on trial. This is a job interview of sorts, and any potential Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court should be thoroughly researched before being voted in.

Dr. Blasey Ford reported the alleged sexual misconduct before Kavanaugh was picked, in hopes that the White House would take this into consideration and investigate him. However, Kavanaugh’s defense blocked the opportunity of an investigation. Shouldn’t someone who is up for Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court encourage a thorough investigation of all parties involved if he has nothing to hide?

It is true that nobody can be certain of what is the truth as of right now.

Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony was powerful and backed by multiple reports of this previous alleged assault.  Kavanaugh came off aggressive as he claimed his innocence, and the behavior seemed inappropriate for a potential Supreme Court Justice.

Ultimately, Kavanaugh is not up for trial. He is looking to prove himself fit for a position. The U.S. needs the truth, and the debate of “he said, she said” can be finally put to rest with this investigation. Again, if Kavanaugh is truly innocent, he should welcome an investigation to prove that when such serious allegations are against him.

People are claiming that Dr. Blasey Ford just did this for personal gain and attention, but since her allegations were made public, she has been harassed, stalked and has even received multiple death threats to her and her family causing them to relocate out of their home, according to a statement she released in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Why would Blasey Ford make such allegations and subject herself to such scrutiny if they held no merit? This is a question I struggle to find an answer to.

I believe Dr. Blasey Ford. Many others believe Kavanaugh. The debate needs to be settled, and this investigation is the way to do it. If Kavanaugh was nominated without investigation, and was later found to be guilty, what would that do to the legitimacy and credibility of the Supreme Court?

The three Senate Republicans made the right choice when they delayed the vote. Whether Kavanaugh is guilty or not, the U.S. deserves the answer.