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Behind the energy of Scott Tavlin

Scott Tavlin hopes to use his energy to his advantage on the pursuit of his dream of becoming a radio personality. ORACLE PHOTO/CHAVELI GUZMAN

On the radio station HOT 101.5’s Instagram stories or at their events, Scott Tavlin, nicknamed “Scotty the Body” by the station, is typically found performing a crazy dance move or doing anything to excite those around him.

To everybody who knows him, that’s what Tavlin is known for.

His energy.

Aside of his promotions job at HOT 101.5, Tavlin has a long list of activities and organizations he’s been involved with at USF  including serving as President of Sigma Nu Fraternity, running for student body vice president, being an orientation team leader (OTL), a Golden Brahman and serving as the emcee for various on-campus events.

However, what few know about Tavlin is his dream: Becoming a famous radio personality.

While Tavlin strives to gain listeners from across the nation, the native of Hollywood, Florida’s main objective as an aspiring radio host is simple to use his energy and positive spirit to uplift the lives of others as they begin their day.

“I want to have a show built on positivity,” Tavlin said. “I want people to be driving to work or walking around town and crack up to something I just said and not feel that they are just a part of a ton of other listeners, but feel that it’s just me talking to them.”

Alongside his childhood best friend, Logan Martin, he co-hosts a radio show on Bulls Radio called the “Scotty T & Logie Log Show,” which focuses on not only keeping students connected to campus life, but telling uplifting stories that make their day better.

After knowing each other for over 12 years, Tavlin and Martin’s chemistry on air is apparent.

“The energy that Scott brings to the table is contagious,” Martin said. “It’s kind of impossible for me not to bring that energy when he’s there because he’s already bringing it.”

To Tavlin, when he is behind the microphone, he says he can’t feel happier or more like himself.

Radio hasn’t always been his dream, however.

Like many students, Tavlin changed his major many times throughout his college career three times, to be exact, starting with physical therapy. Then came an unsuccessful period as a pre-physical education major.

Tavlin said he felt like he wasn’t following his passion.

Then, as a junior working in the Office of Orientation, one of his co-workers advised him to consider pursuing a major in communication, so he could have the ability to inflict his positive energy onto others — his favorite thing to do.

Drawn to the idea of being able to learn how to work with people in a better way, he declared his major for the last time to communication.

While continuing to be actively involved with his many on-campus events, Tavlin noticed a low turnout for events that had a potential of being a memorable experience for many students. Tavlin believed the lack of attendance may have been because students only found out about events through newsletters on Canvas or emails that often got lost in the mix of many other messages.

“Clubs and organizations constantly are having poor attendance to things because the information just is not getting out there,” Tavlin said. “So we thought: OK, let’s get people out here and have their stories told. Having people on air not only sharing what they are doing but why they are doing it is just amazing.”

In pursuit of connecting more students to on-campus events, Tavlin and Martin began their radio show.

What began as a medium to excite students for events at USF, shifted to Tavlin re-discovering his passion for radio a love that began when he was 16 years old.

While other students may have spent their morning drive to school attempting to wake up with countless sips of coffee, Tavlin spent his drive listening to his favorite radio personality, Bobby Bones.

“I heard him (Bobby Bones) in my little jeep,” Scott said. “It was so positive and fun. I became so invested that it got to the point that it became my little ritual every morning. Even in college, I listen to his podcast every day.”

Because of the way radio impacted his own life, Tavlin wanted to have the same effect on others.

“Logan and I would do the show every week,” Tavlin said. “That’s what we did all fall and spring. It became such a thrill. That’s when I realized that this [radio] was something I really wanted to do because I wanted to do this over anything else.”

Anxious to delve more into the world of radio, Tavlin applied to be a part of the promotion team at Hot 101.5, one of Tampa’s most popular radio stations, to learn from some of Tampa’s most popular radio personalities, Miguel and Holly.

Through working at 101.5 and having his own radio show on Bulls Radio, Tavlin’s dream of working in radio feels more attainable than ever before.

“I want to motivate people and support people, make them laugh and share positive moments with people where they leave feeling better,” Tavlin said. “If I can spread that kind of positivity, where it’s making a difference in people’s lives, that will be my success.”