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Students unbothered by Sun Dome’s new name

USF and Yuengling are partnering to offer discounted rides from Lyft to encourage responsible decision making. ORACLE PHOTO/CHAVELI GUZMAN

With the Sun Dome officially becoming sponsored by Yuengling Brewery and renamed the Yuengling Center, effective July 1, nicknames with beer references for the arena have begun to roll in.

“Great news and the nickname is even greater. #FoamDome,” Ray Niecestro tweeted, along with several other Twitter users, who all used the hashtag #FoamDome.

“Are we going to call it ‘The Ling?’” asked @libertarian727.

Criticism against USF naming its largest structure on campus after a beer company was immediate after the university announced the arena’s new name on June 12, with fears arising that it could possibly promote underage drinking and alcoholism for students.

USF and Yuengling prepared to combat the criticism by initiating programs that promoted “social responsibility,” such as offering a designated-driver program by providing discounted weekend ride-sharing services from Lyft. While numerous arguments and opinions arose, one certain demographic seemed to care the least.

USF students.

“I really could care less what it’s called,” Anna Litinskaya, a senior majoring in world languages, said. “It’s just a name. I really don’t think anybody is going to go out and drink more because an arena has a new name.

“If you want to drink, you’re going to drink.”

Of eleven random USF students asked by The Oracle whether they were bothered by the Sun Dome’s change of name Tuesday afternoon, only one took issue with the name being Yuengling Center.

“I just think Sun Dome sounds better,” Samuel Sierra, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, said. “In reality though, it doesn’t matter. It has no real effect on me.”

The Sun Dome beared the same name for 38 consecutive years since it was completed in 1980 but will be now be known as the Yuengling Center for at least ten years, Interim Athletic Director Scott Kull said at the June 12 announcement.

Due to the Sun Dome being a private entity, details of how much money USF will profit from the sponsorship was not made public. The yearly funding brought in by selling it’s naming rights, however, could be crucial in aiding USF improve and build new athletic facilities — such as an Indoor Practice Facility for football and other teams.

“We have a really up and coming sports program here, and I think any opportunities for that to be expanded on will be good,” Casey Ryan, a sophomore majoring in business and German, said. “A sponsorship like that can really help the university financially. A lot of money for sports come from tuition, so it’s nice to see them pull more revenue from something else.

“I think that a sponsorship that’s big like this is really a good thing. If it could be a different brand (that sponsored), it could be better, but beer likes to sponsor with sports. I don’t think it’ll hurt anybody or effect anybody negatively.”