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Latin Idol talent show invites students of all backgrounds to attend

The Latin Idol talent show is open to any student who wants to attend and includes a focus on celebrating Latin heritage.

Three Latin student organizations will be hosting a talent show at the Marshall Student Center Amphitheater on March 8.

The Venezuelan Student Alliance (VENSA), Brazilian Student Alliance (BRASA) and the Latin Dance Club have joined to organize this event. They encourage any interested students to attend or compete to win a prize. These organizations will provide food at the event, which begins at 7 p.m.

VENSA marketing director Lucia Acevedo said people of all backgrounds and talents are welcome to attend.  

“It's kind of a talent show. It's called ‘Latin Idol,’ but it's not just for singing, and it's not just for Latin people, obviously,” Acevedo said. “So, we have people come sing and dancers, and if you know how to play an instrument, you can also come. They're going to do a five-minute performance and at the end, they're going to receive a TV – that's for the winner.”

Participants have been chosen through an application process and the winner will be decided by a panel of three judges.

“One (judge) is dance, and the other one is singing and the other one is an instructor, a dance instructor,” Acevedo said.

While the event does not coincide with any particular holiday or celebration, it is an opportunity for students of diverse backgrounds to come together and have fun in the middle of the semester.

“There's not a specific reason,” Acevedo said.  “Everyone's busy with classes. We're just finishing in midterms, like it'll be right at the end of midterms. People are getting back into their activities. So we wanted to create an event which was fun and entertaining and people can come get together and get together in … culture.”