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300 Words: Mother inspires love of photography

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Cassie Fisher grew up around photography, working as an assistant to her mother during photo shoots, and developed a deep interest in using it to capture raw emotions. ORACLE PHOTO/CHAVELI GUZMAN

Some may view photography as a craft to document different moments and stages throughout life, but to Cassie Fisher, a sophomore majoring in advertising, photography holds a much deeper power: capturing raw human emotions.

While Fisher’s photos demonstrate a consistent flow of vibrancy and color, each displays a different scene. From a group of people sitting in expandable chairs by the shore while children play around them to a person pensively gazing at a painting in an art museum in London, Fisher’s photos all convey a common theme: life.

“I want people to look at my work and see real life and see things that aren’t fabricated,” Fisher said. “People in their happiest states. I want people to get joy from looking at that.”

Fisher’s journey in photography began when she was in fourth grade. Under the influence of her mother, who taught photography in a high school in Cocoa Beach and owned a photography business, Fisher quickly learned the craft through observing and assisting with countless photo shoots.

Inspired by her mother’s passion for photography, Fisher was given her first camera and finally was able to put everything she had learned into effect. Inspired by photographer Vivian Maier, who does street photography in New York City, and the lively spirit of her touristy beach town, Fisher blended all her influences into her own unique style.

“I just love capturing people’s reactions,” Fisher said. “I just think it’s cool to capture someone’s moment in time.”

Later, when Fisher first arrived at USF, she wanted to maintain her experience in photography while continuously growing her creative side.

“I see myself working at an ad agency, working as a creative director if I go all the way,” Fisher said. “Or even just an art director doing photography on shoots.”