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Language clubs to showcase what they have to offer

The language clubs will show students the perks of joining their clubs. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

Language clubs at USF will be holding a showcase of their organizations on Monday in the Marshall Student Center (MSC) to give students a peek into the professional and cultural opportunities they offer. 

At the Language Club Showcase, students will learn about the different clubs, what they have to offer, what you will learn by being in the clubs, how you can use what you learn in these clubs to get a job after college and what you can do to be a part of the students who work with international investors.

USF offers 10 different language clubs on campus that are with the world language department and offered through independent study. 

According to Miriam Friedman, a member of the Russian Club, being in a language club not only teaches about the language, but also the culture.

“It depends on how deep you go,” Friedman said. “When you analyze words, you get the cultural information from that. Learning a different language has opened different opportunities to interact with different people who have a different point of view from yourself.”

These clubs are for both who know the language or don’t know the language. If a student already knows a language, joining the club could teach them more about the culture. 

The President of the Russian Club, Teddy Horowitz joined Duolingo, an app where you can learn languages, when he was just 14 years old. 

“I finished six different language trees at 15,” Horowitz said.

Even though he knows English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Polish, he still wanted to know more. Horowitz came to USF to study Russian Narrative and joined the Russian Club to learn more about the culture. 

“I got awarded to go study in Poland,” Horowitz said. “I also got awarded the Gilman’s Scholarship to go study abroad in Ukraine or Kazakhstan to learn Russian.”

Kati Lichi, a senior majoring in Russian language and culture, is in the reserves, but come May, she will be an officer in The U.S. Military. 

“In the military I’ll be using the language skills I’ve learned to help progress, can’t say specifics, but anything that needs to be done as far as Russian Intelligence,” Lichi said. 

Lichi will be studying abroad in Russia this summer with other members of the club in hopes of having many more learning experiences.

“Knowing Swedish helps me learn other languages, and now I have another country to look at for job opportunities,” Friedman said.

The Language Club Showcase is on Monday, Feb. 5th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the MSC room 3707.