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Trump’s address unified the country, now democrats need to stop tearing it apart

President Trump delivered a speech backed by an overall message of American unity. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE/ WHITE HOUSE PHOTO

Americans have lived through a year of tumultuous political polarization and finger-pointing at its finest. President Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address Tuesday night, and did so with the poise and dignity that Americans from both sides of the aisle have been starving for.

It is time for the Democratic Party to put their bleeding hearts back in their chest and start thinking with their brains. Following a speech from Trump based on unification and togetherness, the time for leftist blame games have come and gone.

Following the address from our nation’s leader, in a last-ditch-effort to keep the country from supporting Trump, the Democrats put a young representative in front of the entire country to deliver the party’s response. However, the left allowed for the inexperienced Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D) to bank on his last name (and ChapStick) as he delivered a response that was divisive in nature.

It is clear, now more than ever, that the right side of the aisle is basing their actions on morals and regard for the American people of all walks of life.

Trump said that in the next year, his administration will work to help the less-fortunate and forgotten populations of the American society. His administration will work with immigrants so that they are able to achieve a simpler path to citizenship and help seniors citizens and those with chronic illnesses get more affordable access to prescription medication.

Kennedy labeled these as non-genuine remarks. However, what does Kennedy label as ingenuine? It is apparent that Kennedy believes that genuinity constitutes following in the footsteps of generations of democratic leaders before him by providing empty promises to minority groups in hopes of keeping their votes blue.

The Democratic Party has such a pessimistic nature that they spent their time during Trump’s speech sucking their teeth (looking at you, Pelosi), and afterwards putting their focus on the past, instead of doing their jobs and working towards improving the future. The corrupt Kennedy era ended long ago, and the time for habitually focusing on “What Happened” should as well.

In his statement, Kennedy claimed that the Republican Party measures dignity based on name recognition. Tell me, congressman, do you think you would have delivered your speech if your last name were Smith? I think not.


Jesse Stokes is a sophomore 
majoring in political science.