Both sides are to blame for government shutdown


The clock struck midnight, but it was everything but a Cinderella story. Instead, the U.S. government was rendered useless and shut down indefinitely.  

In the hours leading up to the shutdown, Republicans were pointing fingers to the left side of the aisle, labeling the lack of efficiency in reaching an agreement on the short-term spending bill, the “Schumer Shutdown” placing the blame on Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer (D). 

On the opposite side, Democrats, including Schumer, are blaming President Donald Trump personally. In a press conference on Saturday, Schumer stood alongside a large sign, with Trump pictured, that only included the words, “#TrumpShutdown.”

So now, two leaders of their respective parties are spending more time coming up with  unoriginal catchphrases to blame one another on a personal level than they are working together to fix the issue at the entire nation’s expense.

Both Republican and Democratic officials are responsible for their childlike lack of ability to work together to a keep the government operating. 

However, perhaps a government shutdown is exactly what the infantile left wants. Since Trump’s first day on the job, the Democrats have done all that they can to discredit and belittle Trump and not give the respect that the highest office in the land deserves. A government shutdown adds an embellishment under the Trump administration in the history books…how convenient. 

The sly actions of the Democratic party are not the only issue that led to the government shutdown.

The Republican party has a large hand (no pun intended) to play in the causes of the shutdown as well. With 60 votes needed for the bill to pass, having the majority of the Senate with 51 seats should great benefit the right, in theory. Unfortunately for Republican leadership, it was nothing more than just that: a theory.

A total of five Senate Republicans voted against the bill, with Sen. John McCain abstaining as he is away battling illness. Nevertheless, a lack of unification and leadership among the Republican party has proven to be, as with the case of this vote, it’s major downfall. 

A failure to align the vision of the party moving forward with career politicians clenching on to tradition and Trump loyalists hoping to “drain the swamp” of their conservative peers, has put the right at a tremendous disadvantage when it comes to hopes of ever getting a bill passed moving forward. 

Regrettably for Americans, it seems as though even more divisive rhetoric and finger-pointing is on the horizon. All that there is left to be seen is who will blame who next. 


Jesse Stokes is a sophomore majoring in political science.