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Genshaft receives $227,175 stipend

System President Judy Genshaft has been at USF for 18 years and is currently on one-year extension contracts.

The USF Board of Trustees (BOT) voted in early December on System President Judy Genshaft’s end of year stipend, awarding her $227,175 total.

Genshaft’s contract states that in addition to her base salary, which is $505,873 under her current contract that ends at the completion of the spring semester, she can be awarded a performance-based stipend.

This year, some of her goals included the continued growth of university research, generate funding, progress toward the Florida Performance Based Funding metrics that include freshman retention rate and 6-year graduation rate and completion of a new USF System Strategic Plan.

The BOT Governance committee, chaired by Trustee Jordan Zimmerman, is responsible for allocating 70 percent of the stipend. At the December meeting, the BOT voted to award her 95 percent, or $184,800, of that allotment.

The other 30 percent of the stipend is controlled by BOT chair Brian Lamb, of which he awarded her 95 percent, or around $78,375. Between the two, Genshaft received around $227,175 of the $275,000 the BOT could have awarded her.

“We’ve got to continue to get this right,” Lamb said. “I’m very pleased and excited about where we are. I’m very pleased with your (Genshaft’s) willingness to listen to feedback and respond to challenges and lead this university through difficult time.”

Last year, she received a stipend of $168,875 out of a possible $175,000. Then, the Governance committee awarded her 95 percent of its portion of the stipend, and Lamb awarded her the full $52,500 of the stipend which he oversaw.