Construction for on-campus Publix continues to see delays

The on-campus Publix, originally announced in fall 2015 was expected to open spring 2017, but construction has not yet begun. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE

The on-campus Publix that was originally planned to be completed in late 2017 is experiencing more delays on breaking ground for unclear reasons. 

Construction of the 28,000-square foot facility has not yet begun. This location would be just under two-thirds the size of the normal 45,000-square foot locations.

Many students, especially those living on campus, were initially excited about the convenience of the location and possible employment opportunities.  

Breanna Nierlich, a senior majoring in international studies, said having a Publix on campus would be a big help to students and would encourage healthier eating. 

“A Publix would be constructive for the care of USF students,” Nierlich said. “Personally, I have a car, so if I need food, I can just drive to Publix on Fowler. However, many students, including the majority of my friends, are without cars and many don’t have meal plans. Incorporating a Publix on campus would be an essential step for the care and health of USF students.”

Brian West, the media and community relations manager for Publix, said the plan is still to have a Publix on campus, but the details are still being worked out. 

“We’re just beginning to make progress with this location, but I don’t have anything to share at the moment,” West said. “Please feel free to check back next month. I may have information by then.”

The university made an agreement with Publix in late 2015 for a 20-year stay on campus with six potential five-year renewals, which could possibly increase the total stay to 50 years. Publix will pay USF $130,000 every year to rent the land on the corner of Fletcher Avenue and North Palm Drive, resulting in USF having no financial obligation. That is, when it’s built of course.

At this time, it’s unclear when Publix will break ground on campus, but students shouldn’t get too excited just yet.