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USF officially decides not to change academic calendar after Irma

In an email Monday, the dean of students officially announced the academic calendar would not be altered after closures due to Hurricane Irma.

In light of campus closures resulting from Hurricane Irma, the decision on whether to alter the academic calendar or not has been discussed among university officials. Dean of Students Danielle McDonald said in an email Monday to all USF Tampa students that the academic calendar will remain unchanged.

“Students, faculty, and staff should therefore proceed with the understanding that the approved Fall 2017 academic calendar will remain in place,” McDonald said. “This includes the deadline for submission of mid-term grades. USF System policy requires the submission of midterm grades between Oct. 9 and Oct. 24.”

Provost Ralph Wilcox first spoke to the Faculty Senate on Sept. 20 regarding a possible calendar adjustment. At the time, the decision to leave the academic calendar unaltered was unofficial.

As far as changes and accommodations, those decisions will be made on the department level, per approval from the dean of the specific college.

“Exceptions may be made, on a department-by-department basis (and with approval of the college Dean), to schedule additional class or laboratory time if deemed necessary,” McDonald said. “At this time however, we see no need to cancel scheduled reading days or federal holidays to make up for lost instructional time.”