SG confirms members of ASRC

The Student Government (SG) Senate confirmed members Tuesday to the Activity and Service (A&S) Recommendation Committee (ASRC), which handles more than $17.8 million in student-paid A&S fees.

The A&S fee is paid by students every semester. The fee includes a flat fee of $7 per semester and an additional $12.08 per credit hour. If a student is taking 15 credit hours in a semester, they’d pay $188.20 in A&S fees.

The ASRC committee reviews budget requests from student organizations and offices on campus that offer services to students. The committee then allocates the money to different parts of campus based on these requests.

The committee is comprised of 12 voting members. Along with six senators, the committee includes the Finance chair, the Grants chair, a member of the executive branch, the SG chief financial officer, the senate president and the student body president. Additionally, four non-voting members sit in on committee.

This year’s six voting senators on the committee include Aladdin Hiba, Saeed Sinan, Yousef Afifi, Quentin Waid, Melanie Marshall and Yusef Shafiq. The final two senators, Najib Albadrasawi and Aida Vazquez-Soto, are alternate members. At each meeting, only six of the senators will be able to vote with the remaining two available to fill in if one of the six isn’t able to attend a Friday meeting.

The senators will serve on the committee, a paid position, for the entire academic year.