CAM features new virtual art exhibit


The USF Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) and the Honor’s College hosted “Art and Ice” on Wednesday as part of Week of Welcome. 

Students came out to CAM for a virtual exhibition by Belgian artist David Claerbout. They were asked to take creative selfies with the art and received free snow cones afterwards.

“Art and Ice is trying to incorporate social media with how we experience art. So, we’re hoping to bring in a bunch of people from our campus to experience art in a fun new way,” said Natalie Bohin, Honor’s College student liaison for the graphics studio and CAM.

Jeannie Ambrosio, a second year graduate student in the art history program, said “I think it’s crucial for [students] to experience the art education programs the museum offers.” 

According to CAM, Claerbout’s “skilled manipulation of still and moving images appears to capture another dimension of existence, shifting between past and present. The resultant works are immersive environments in which the viewer is invited to engage both philosophically and aesthetically.”

The museum took viewers on a tour of Claerbout’s art and encompassed them with large screens showcasing digital videos and moving images. 

“The arts are always important to have a presence on our campus, but for this specifically, I think it offers a unique perspective and it really opens your mind and allows you to think deeply about things you wouldn’t normally think about,” said Olivia Davis, a senior majoring in business management.