SG plans scream event to help relieve stress before finals


Tonight at 11:50, USF students hard at work studying on campus are asked to take a short break.

Then, go outside.

And then, scream as loud as they can.

The Midnight Scream event is the first of its kind at USF. Other schools such as Harvard, the University of California, Los Angeles and Michigan State host similar events, said Alaina Keith, the director of Academic Affairs for Student Government.

“At those universities, Midnight Scream has become a tradition that many students look forward to, and that’s why we want to bring it to USF,” she said.

The event is intended to bring students together while helping release the stress of finals through screaming.

“Everyone’s going through a stressful final exam week,” said student body President Chris Griffin. “We want people to know that they aren’t alone in that.”

SG has received mostly positive feedback from students, according to Keith.

“I would say that the response [on social media] has been overall very positive and many have expressed excitement to participate,” Keith said.

The only concerns that SG heard were from Housing and Residential Education about the midnight event potentially disrupting quiet hours.

“Since this event is being held outside of the residence halls and is occurring for a very short period of time, we are hoping … to be as little as disruptive as possible,” Keith said.

University Police spokesperson Renna Reddick said that the department is aware of the event, but does not have additional security planned for it.

“Our patrol division will be conducting routine patrol and will be responding to any potential incidents related to this event and/or any other events … that may occur on campus,” she said.

Because this is the first semester that Midnight Scream will be held at USF, whether it continues as a tradition will be based on feedback and student turnout.

“I am definitely hoping for a large student turnout,” Keith said. “But even if it is small, I’m hoping that the tradition will still be pushed for so that we can achieve the success and reputation that this tradition holds at other universities.”

Griffin agreed with Keith’s statement, adding that SG will also take into consideration any negative feedback post-Midnight Scream.

“If we do end up getting a lot of complaints … then we might look into restructuring the event,” he said.

Ultimately, the event aims to help students relax.

“The purpose of it is to help students who are having stress, to relieve stress,” Griffin said.