Senate dismisses ethics accusations against SG president

At Tuesday’s Student Government (SG) Senate meeting, the Ethics Committee investigation results into Student Body President Chris Griffin were announced and senators reviewed the Activity and Service Recommendation Committee (ASRC) budget for next school year.

Ethics Investigation

During the student body presidential elections, then vice presidential candidate Logan Holland filed a complaint with the SG Ethics Committee against Griffin. It claimed that Griffin used the influence of his position to try to convince several students not to vote for Holland’s ticket.

The Ethics Committee decided that Griffin could not be determined in violation of the statutes he was accused of breaking. Some of the statutes Griffin was accused of violating included the causes for impeachment and removal from office, misuse of power for personal gain and states that SG officials shall not commit slander or libel. The committee did not investigate the accusations of slander or libel as it is not within SG jurisdiction.

The Committee recommended the Senate take no action against Griffin for his alleged actions. The Senate agreed with the Committee’s conclusion.

ASRC Committee Budget

Every year, the SG committee ASRC reviews budget requests from organizations and facilities across campus to distribute funding from the Activity and Service fee. The Senate did a first reading of the over $17.8 million annual ASRC budget. It will need to be reviewed by Senate at least one more time before it can go to a vote.

The current version of the bill allocates over $11.9 million to student programs and services such as Campus Recreation and the Marshall Student Center, over $2.4 million into savings and reserve accounts for the senior class gift and homecoming grants, over $2.2 million to SG operations and over $1.1 million to student organizations.

The bill can be sent back to committee for reconsideration, but it is expected to be brought up at the next meeting April 4.