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SG Court to start examining major grievances

While students finished voting in the Student Government election two weeks ago, the results are far from certain.

President- and vice president-elect Moneer Kheireddine and Shaquille Kent won with 5,385 votes. However, grievances filed against both tickets could be cause for disqualification.

Kheireddine and Kent are charged with four major grievances while Soscia and Holland are charged with three. It would take seven minor or one major grievance to be disqualified.

Before spring break, the Election Rules Committee finished reviewing the 22 minor grievances filed. Kheireddine and Kent were found complicit in three out of the 12 while their opponents, Ryan Soscia and Logan Holland, were found complicit in two out of the 10 they were charged with, according to Jennifer Bielen, assistant director for Student Government Advising, Training and Operations.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to start reviewing major grievances this week.


 “Knowingly providing false information to SGATO, the ERC or Supreme Court”


Kheireddine and Kent are charged with two accounts of this by Holland. Neither senate president pro tempore Jessica Vanek nor current student body president Chris Griffin were reportedly listed as staff for the ticket, but Holland claims they both took on an administrative role.

Vanek commented on a Facebook post of one of Kheireddine and Kent’s signs broken in half that she was writing up grievances. According to SG statutes, grievances can be filed by “students, staff or faculty.”

Griffin reportedly sent text messages to people he knew were considering voting for Soscia and Holland, discouraging them from doing so. The topic has been brought before the Ethics Committee for investigation as well. Additionally, in the grievance, he was reportedly adding members to the Facebook volunteer group. 


“Abusing the official capacity of their position (if an employee of the university) for their own personal campaign”


Kheireddine and Kent are charged with one account of this by Holland. Reportedly, Dika Ezevillo, the volunteer coordinator for the campaign, was seen outside of the MSC wearing a “H.E.A.R. the Herd” T-shirt and handing out fliers while wearing his official USF nametag that displayed his department and position.


“Destruction or theft of another campaign’s materials”


Kheireddine and Kent are charged with one account of this by Holland. Reportedly, chalk for the campaign was written over chalk for senatorial candidate Britney Deas outside of the north entrance to the Juniper-Poplar Residence Hall.

Meanwhile, Soscia and Holland are charged with two accounts of this grievance by Vanek. In one instance, a campaign sign for Kheireddine and Kent near the Honor’s College was reportedly pulled from its wooden backing. The second account, an A-frame for Kheireddine and Kent was pushed to the ground and broken in half near the SOC parking lot.


“No candidate, ticket, or member of a campaign shall commit or condone slander or libel”


Soscia and Holland are accused of one account of this by student Daniel Tizzani. A screenshot of a post Soscia allegedly made on Facebook on the last day of voting discussing “dominating the school” and plans for a party after the results were announced was circulating around social media. In the grievance, Tizzani said he reached out to the campaign trying to find out whether the screenshot of the post was real or not, only to be attacked by the campaign manager and other members of the campaign, and was blocked by Soscia on Facebook.

These major grievances will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Bielen said the process will hopefully be done with official results announced by April 14.