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SG votes for Sustainability Council

USF’s Student Government (SG) Senate passed a bill to create a Sustainability Council at the university to advise the campus community on sustainable practices, according to the bill. The bill passed with 21 in favor, four against and one abstention.

The bill states that the council would provide recommendations, reports and policy amendments that would have to be presented to the SG Senate. What form these recommendations would come in is not defined in the bill.

The council would make recommendations to make sure money is spent responsibly, SG Senator and co-sponsor of the bill Sarah Lucker said at the Tuesday meeting of the Senate. The bill states that these recommendations would be in promotion of environmental and social standards that students find important.

The council would be comprised of the director of student business services, Senate policy chair, Senate relations chair, Senate president, the student body president, the chief financial officer and two senators appointed by the Senate president. The director of student business services, the Senate president and student body president would be allowed to place designees in the council.

As of now, the bill must be signed by student body president Chris Griffin in order for the council to be formed.