SG approves funding to replace Campus Rec equipment

The Student Government (SG) Senate unanimously passed a budget Tuesday night that will provide $177,437 for the Campus Recreation Center to replace broken equipment.

The budget was presented to Senate last week, but it was tabled so senators could learn more about the issue. Sen. Juan Pablo Sanchez was a loud activist of tabling the bill, but came back this week in favor of passing the bill after spending time talking with Director of Campus Recreation Eric Hunter.

The funding will be used to replace 69 pieces of equipment for the main location of Campus Rec. The current equipment was bought in 2007 and 2010 when it was funded by SG. Most of the equipment has a lifespan of three to five years with the amount of use it receives. This will provide funding for new exercise and spin bikes as well as treadmills.

Not all of the equipment that’s outside of its warranty is getting replaced. Only the equipment that’s become a safety risk for students will be replaced.

Senate discussed what to do about the rest of the equipment that’s starting to break down, but didn’t come to a conclusion.