Student Senate votes on new gym equipment


The Student Government (SG) Senate on Tuesday night overwhelmingly approved additional funding for equipment maintenance at the Campus Recreation Center and tabled a second request for the purchase of new cardio machines.

Campus Rec requested $106,087 in Activity and Service (A&S) fees to conduct regular maintenance and $177,437 to replace cardio equipment in its main location near the Sun Dome.

Campus Rec receives $68,218 annually in A&S fees for future equipment purchases, which accumulates yearly to save up for larger purchases. The last time Campus Rec accessed that funding was in 2014 for three pieces of outdoor equipment.

The first request of $106,087 is to access these savings. It passed with a vote of 32-2.

The second request of $177,437 would come from unallocated A&S funds, which SG sets aside annually to cover expenses that might arise over the course of the year.

The equipment would include new exercise and spin bikes as well as treadmills for a total of 69 new pieces of equipment. At the meeting, Eric Hunter, Director of Campus Recreation, said the funding is necessary due to “extreme conditions” of the old equipment.

Sen. Juan Pablo Sanchez stood firmly against providing the funding, arguing Campus Rec should have been more financially responsible with the money that is already allocated annually.  

The current equipment was bought in 2007 and 2011 when it was funded by SG. The majority of the equipment has a lifespan of three to five years with the amount of use it would get at a facility such as Campus Rec. Only “priority one” equipment would be replaced with “priority two” and “no priority” equipment staying as is. This is based on a priority system that keeps track of usage and repairs.

The second request was tabled by the Senate in order to have more time to look at the need for the funding before revisiting the topic.